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From: jamal haughton
Subject: He came to me that night 24I woke up and Top Lolita i felt diffrent i felt feelings in my legs. It wasn't
anything major I didn't want to get too excited, but i did get up and tried
to walk i lefted my legs over the bed to save energy. Then i stood up. I
was standing for about five seconds then i hit the floor and hit my head
Riggie ran into the room."holy shit what happened to you? How did you get out of bed?"Riggie i stood up by myself can you believe it"He picked me up and put me back in the bed."your head is bleeding""so what i stood up by myself"He looked away like he was upset that he saw that i was getting better."you don't seem happy?""no i am""ok first of all i am far from dumb and i can see it in your eyes that
something is wrong.""i'm fine it's just that i have grown close to you and i don't have many
friends.""i find that hard to believe you are a great person.""well you must not know who i am.""yeah i know he you are your Riggie Barringson.""of the Barringson family""and why do you say it like thats a bad thing""because it is""whats so bad about it""my dad is the same man that blew all those mall up last year""oh, it doesn't matter. What your father did has nothing to do with you as
a person. And even when i do get better we will stll be friends.""seriously""of cousre why not, you have been such a great person.""he cameover and huged me "I was recoving quite fast so fast that i was ready to start school and
Riggie had transfered to the same school as me. But he wasn't the only one
all of my friends did.I had two classes with Justin and Kevin. I had one class with Paul. Shane
and i had a class together but we didn't speak to each other. I still could
not forgive him for what he did. That is the lowest of the low. How could
you tell smell one you want to marry them but as oon s the go t the
hospital you take their engagement ring and give it t another person. I
have never felt so bad in my life. While i wasin psychology 101 i was
waiting for the lab partner assignments it was two to a group. I had abad
feeling. The feeling was right, Shane and I would be lab partners. Then she
dismissed class. He walked over to me."when do you want to get started on this?""When ever.""wow a sentence without you cussing me out""this is only because it is about my school wor, but don't push your luck.""when are you going to forgive me.""silly boy i already have."" oh really because i can't tell.""you know what you did was the most fucked up thing ever. But i am strong
enough to move past this.""if it makes you feel better Adam and I have postpone the wedding"."seeing you hurting doesn't amuse me""I know that I... I just don't know what to say to you i feel so dumb I
should have waited for you to wake up.""Don't worry about it, i'm not mad anymore so i am going to keep my head up
and you should do the same."" You kno, sometimes I wonder how is it possiable for you to have such a
good heart and forgive people so easily.""God.""oh yeah him"Then there was a knock on the door. It was Paul he came in and saw me
sitting next to Shane and looked at me in disappointment. He gave the
professor a mainilla folder and took one last look at me and left."what was that about" Shane asked"I have no idea, honesty."After class was over with i was done for the day and went back to my dorm
room. My roommate Andre was at his desk crying. I went over to him to see
what was wrong."It's my girlfriend, rather should I ex girlfriend that bitch""Dre what did she do?""She left me, for another woman""Oh wow, I'm sorry man I can imagine how you are feeling.""What the diffrence between being gay and striaght is it more pleasurable
being with the same sex.""well men tend to know where all the pleasurable spot are on there bodies
so do women so i guess the sex is better, but don't quote me on that
ok. Look you are a pretty hot guy and I a sure that many girls would kill
to be with you.( i wasn't lying when i said he is hot Andre is canadian and
is about 6 feet even swimmers body, he has blond hair with black spiked
tips. He is the biggest metrosexual anyone will ever see. His skin is
smooth as if acne was something that he could never have. Great alignment
of white teeth, why she left him I have no clue)"Do you really think that am hot""Listen Top Lolita I am going to tel you the truth at all times""Wait your gay right?""Yeah""Wait your not attracted to me are you?""No we are just roommates""Oh thats to bad because I wanted to try this whole gay thing out""Why do you want to o that?""well the way you said that a man can make another man feel good i want to
see if that is true""i also told you not to quote me on that"He got up and moved towards me, he backed me up into the wall."kiss me""what?"He leaned in and kissed me, i mean this was no normal kiss this guy could
really kiss goodPaul caesar to the door and he saw us kissing and looked at me the turned
around and went down stairs. I broke off the kiss and ran down aftr him and
I grabbed him by the arm."Paul what is wrong with you.?""nothing your just busy""why are you acting strange?""Jay i made a promise to you and I was hoping that i would be able to
fufill that promise with you in my life""Paul he kissed me he wanted to experince kissing another man. So he got up
and kissed me.""what Top Lolita ever i gotta go.""so this is how you are going to leave this off. I got to go?""yeah""Fuck it then Paul I hve been had it with your shit. You fucking walk
around like life isn't ever been good to you. Well it hasn't been good to
anyone so suck it up."
"So what you are mister perfect""Never said i was but i roll with the punches and keep moving but you stand
there and just take the hits and cry""you don't understand because you are so ucking dumb.""If i am so dumb you fucking prick educate me""You wanna be educated know why i am so Top Lolita
angry. Because Jay i am going to be
dead in a few months." He breaks out in tears crying non-stop."Paul why are you bullshiting me, am i suppose to fall for this""Jay I'm not..."He grabs his head and falls back. I ran over to him checking to see if he
was ok, he wasn't he was unconscious. Andre ran down the stairs and Top Lolita
the ambulance. I went to the hospital with him. The doctor Top Lolita told me that i
was his emergency contact andhe told me what as wrong with Paul. His brain
was deteriorating. Soon he would be dead unless they find some way to stop
it from happeneing.The only thing they could think was if Paul had less preassure on himself
emotionally that would calm his brain activity also if he ate foods that
targets neurotransmitters in the brain it may help restore them, but it was
a long shot.Hey thanks for reading in I am on break from school so I will be typing
more soon love you guys MAUH!!!!!!
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